Vertical Mix Mustard Frills

The Vertical Mix is a colorful blend of micro greens. Chefs often use as an easy go to garnish to bring color and freshness to a plate. It contains a mix of -

Micro Red Vein Sorrel, Micro Purple Kohlrabi, Micro Chervil, Micro Pepper Cress, Micro Tatsoi, Micro Carrot,
Micro Red Cabbage, Micro Celery, Micro Radish, Micro Green Sorrel and more.
Beautiful Mustard Frill. Spicy flavor. Intricately lobed, bright green leaves.

Red Vein Sorrel (Hearts of Fire) Chive
Lemon flavor. Dark green leaves with red veins and stems.
Big onion flavor in this little bit.
Pettie Snap Pea Shoot Carrot
Grown for its unique leaflets, and very tender shoot.
Mild carrot flavor with a beautiful finely textured leaf.